Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Perhaps it is the phase of life I am in, or that I realize that storming off to accomplish something wild and audacious without a sound foundation is foolish, but recently I have been evaluating how I spend my time. I resumed blogging on a blog my wife and I used to share as a creative outlet, but have shifted things a bit more towards my family. Being a photographer, I love taking photos of my new son and explaining the various situations through a story of sorts. They are almost always short, but provide me a very fun and creative outlet for documenting the joys of seeing him grow.

That said, I began to realize that posting about my family is so much more compelling to me than posting about communications. Now, that doesn't mean that I don't love communications - I do. Nor does it mean that I think communications isn't important - it is. But I have finally begun to understand what it means to have priorities in life.

I had the privilege of working with Jeff Brazil a few years ago. We both happened to be at the same church. I didn't work closely with him as I was in a different department, but we talked fantasy football in the hallway every now and then, and I always enjoyed his perspective on things. I sat down with him in his office one day to ask about my career in communications. Aspiring to be a director of communications, I asked him if he felt more schooling would be needed. His answer gave me an insight to life that I honestly didn't have before.

The essence of what he said was this: "In life, there are 3 things that are most important. First is your relationship with God. Second is your relationship with your spouse and children. Third is your relationship with your family/friends. So at best, your job comes in as the fourth priority in your life." He went on to talk about the various skill sets needed to be a director of communications, but that first bit of wisdom is what resonated with me for the rest of our conversation.

I'm sure if someone asked me specifically enough, I would answer something similar to that list, but I'm not sure I would have ever lived my life that way had I not heard it from someone in my trade who applied it. As I have been blogging about my family, I have come developed a different understanding of communications.

I have always trusted that the Holy Spirit plays a significant role in moving in one's heart to compel them to respond to Christ. My efforts have value, but are not all that is needed to move one's heart. I have seen, however, the impact of a prioritized life. I see people respond to the way I live, and can see God's action in my life through the way I live. Ironically, I am realizing the less I am focused on communicating strategically on Christ's behalf, the better I am at it.

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